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Reheating Instructions


All Meals Should Be Eaten or Frozen Within Five Days Of Delivery



No Contact Delivery

As much as we enjoy face to face interaction with our customers, we currently have to follow the guidelines that are set into place to assure our customers and ourselves are safe.  With that being said, your order will be left at your door (or put into your cooler, upon request) and the door

will be knocked or doorbell. 


Please leave cash tips for the delivery driver on an envelope, bag or taped to the door

What is your delivery area?

We delivery within 20 miles of Chesapeake Square Mall.  Below are them minimum order amounts based on your zip code. 

$30 Minimum Order:

23321, 23701, 23435, 23707, 23703

$50 Minimum Order:

All Other Zip Codes Within 20 Miles 

Of Chesapeake Square Mall

If you are unsure how far you from Chesapeake Square Mall contact us.



Why Is A Day "Sold Out"? 

 A day is considered "Sold Out" once all of the delivery spots are filled.

Why Do You Only Take Orders On Sunday & Monday? 

We are a meal delivery service that delivers your order for the week on Wednesday & Friday only.  In order to reserve your delivery spot you have to order ahead of time (delivery spots do fill up) If you a day is not "Sold Out" you can still order from the full menu, just make sure to order by 9am for same day delivery!

We do occasionally offer Delivery Specials that are available for pick up/delivered same day!

Check our Facebook to see what the special is!

Where Are You Located?

We are a dinner delivery service only, there is not a store front at this time.

We serve Western Branch and the surrounding area within 20 miles of Chesapeake Square Mall.

What Time Will I Receive My Order? 

 Delivery is between 3:00-6:00.  We send a text in the morning of your

delivery day with an estimated 1 hour that you can expect your order. 

*Our delivery drivers try their best to get to their destinations on time. 

If your order is later than the 1 hour estimate, we will contact you with updates on your time.


Can I Pick Up My Order?

YES! Pick up is now available at 3351 Chesapeake BLVDD between 12:30-2:30 

Where Are The Meals Prepared?

We rent a commercial, shared kitchen space. This is where we store our

ingredients, prepare you order and delivery from.

How Do I Receive The Customer Appreciation Credit?

You receive it automatically on all regular dinner and Saturday brunch orders. For every $50 you order you will receive $5 off, there is no limit and it is ongoing!  Each time you order, your invoice will reflect the discount and also tell you how much you are away from receiving your next $5 off!

*Does not apply to purchasing gift certificates, holiday meals or delivery specials.

Are The Meals Hot & Ready To Eat?

Your order is cooked fresh the day of delivery (sometimes still warm) The meals are fully cooked, never frozen and ready to enjoy. You can choose to refrigerate and reheated at your convenience within 5 days or freeze for up to 3 months.


How Do I Reheat?

Instructions are included and will be located on your receipt, stapled to your bag. If these instructions are not there, heat your oven to 375, cover the oven safe container it is delivered in with foil (no foil needed for cheesy type meals such as Ravioli Lasagna),  bake for about 10 minutes or until warm enough.

Tip: Place your oven safe container on a sheet pan for easier oven removal.


How Do You Portion Your Meals?

Our meals are portioned family-style, for example all of the protein will be in one container, vegetable in one container, and so on.  We portion our proteins and sides based on weight: generally four-six ounces of protein per serving, and approximately six ounces or more of a side dish per serving. When ordering a Meal Deal, you will receive (1) Salad and (1) Dessert

How Long Do Your Meals Keep?

We recommend eating refrigerated meals within 3-5 days & frozen meals within 3 months.

Can I Freeze These Meals?

Yes!  Most meals, especially the pies are freezer friendly! If you do freeze our food, wrap the container in a layer or two of plastic wrap and/or foil before putting it in the freezer. To reheat from frozen, put wrapped container(s) from the freezer into the fridge to thaw  (This can take awhile, plan accordingly!) Then, follow the reheating instructions. 


Can I Still Order If I Missed Order Day?

Since we buy our ingredients and prepare for the orders ahead of time it is best to order on the order days but we do understand things happen.  If a day is not "Sold Out" you can still place your order. If you are ordering the same day as delivery, the order deadline is 9am.

Can You Accommodate Dietary Needs?

We offer vegetarian, keto friendly and low sugar options weekly. If you would like to make a different request, please let us know this in the Special Request box when placing your order. 

*Please note that requests are subject to approval.  ​

Do You Have Gluten Free Pies?

No, we do not at this time. 


Who Receives My Debit/Credit Card Tip?

The delivery driver receives the tip you leave when paying your invoice.


Can I Leave Cash For The Delivery Driver?

Please do!  In fact cash tips are preferred! Since we are a no contact delivery service be sure to leave the tip on the porch in an envelope or bag.  Some customers even tape it to the door!

How Do I Order For Someone Else?

Fill out the order form with THIER delivery address, and YOUR email and YOUR cell phone number.  

Can I Order A Gift Card?
Yes! We now have gift cards!

How Do I Pay With Gift Certificate/Card?

There is a section on the Order Form for you to put your Gift Certificate # or card # We will let you know of your balance with each order placed if it is a paper gift certificate.  You can check you gift card balance by going to the gift card page and selecting to check you balance.  If you are using it for a Daily Special,  let us know when you text us to order. 


I Paid With Gift Card, Why Did I Receive An Invoice?

Invoices are sent with every form of payment.  One of the most important reasons is so you can verify that your order is correct and to see what your new balance is.

What Payment Do You Accept?

We accept credit/debit payments as well as Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay

Can I Pay With Cash?

Cash is not preferred for several reasons but we do understand it is easier for some customers. We will accept COD if you can not pay with a debit/credit card. Since we are a no contact delivery service, we prefer that the cash be in an envelope or bag on the porch or in a designated location. 

Still Have A Question or Request? 

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